“I am delighted to write this testimonial for Annette, purely because Annette has literally turned my life around! I can’t thank her enough. I was on strong antidepressants for over 20 years and she has helped me deal with the emotions that follow the withdrawals. I loved the methods that assisted me to manage the energy depleting emotions, controlling anger and especially recognising trigger points to avoid the escalation of anger. Her teachings and natural healing abilities are astounding and she is truly gifted! She taught me how to align my Chakra systems, meditate and to reconnect to the Holy Spirit, our one true God, who is our source of pure Love and light that comes from the heart of every human being! Annette helped me recognise how to love myself again and to start looking after myself first before others as you can’t look after others unless you, yourself are aligned first! If you are looking to reconnect with yourself via mind body and spirit, then you have come to the right place. Thank you Annette, you saved my life!! xx Rachel Treasure”

“When I first started a meditation course with Annette I was super keen but my initial thought was “oh wow....how am I going to sit and be quiet for 45 minutes”! I soon discovered how easy it was and the time passed soo quickly it felt more like 10 minutes and I started to look forward to the classes each week. I also found I was in desperate need to learn such a trade and it has helped me immensely is so many different situations. Once I learnt the valued lessons and how to use the meditation I was able to apply it to my work, parenting, relationships and in times where I needed to remain calmer when normally I may feel myself getting stressed. I now practice what Annette has taught me and I’m finding I have a clearer mind, less anxious, inner peace and connections to all parts of my body. Annette also helped me with her amazing EFT .....it almost felt like magic. She was able to unlock emotions that had been locked away for many years and help me discover areas in my life that needed help that I had been shutting out for a very long time. Annette is the most peaceful teacher who is able to get people to concentrate while meditating and overcome any negative emotions that they’re holding on to. Anyone who is needing to be less anxious and shown how to be more reconnected with their inner joy contact Annette she really is a life safer and I can’t thank her enough xxxx ”

Jo Griffith

“I recently had a session with Annette when I had been having a number of headaches, muscular issues and feeling as though my skeletal structure just didn’t want to bend. I had had MRIs and blood work done which revealed nothing. Annette was quite thorough but gently probed like a medical detective to reach an understanding of the true source of my ailments. The end result is that my symptoms have reduced very significantly giving back a happy working body. I highly recommend Annette to all. Her gentle manner is the lovely gloss over an extremely gifted and experienced individual. Thank you Annette”

Penelope Grandy

“Hello Annette! I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for assisting me to shift some long stuck energy with a tapping session. I did not realise I was holding on to emotions that ran so deep! It was quite surprising when it all came pouring out… I feel so much lighter around the subject now and excited for what’s next! Thank you thank you thank you xox ”

Liese Ho